19 Gates of Hell – A Horror Anthology


The fright factor hits with blood thirsty force in this new horror anthology, 19 Gates of Hell. 19 authors have come together to bring you 19 tales of terror in this anthology, just in time for Halloween. Stories from the darkest places imaginable. Readers will enjoy this delectable feast of short stories each one with their own unique flavors from the undead, vampires, lovecraftian intrigue, and much more!
Dane Hatchell, Chris Miller, James Harper, Marie Lanza, Matthew Hollis Damon, just to name a few, deliver chilling tales that will leave you wanting to sleep with the lights on.
A taste of what’s waiting for you…

She was a little old lady, maybe in her seventies. She was still in her nightgown which was stained with blood. The left side of her face had been chewed off with some of her cheek still hanging on. – Facing Death by Marie Lanza

He moved toward her, not thinking or acting consciously at all, shushing her as he came. He felt his face begin to ache. To change. It’s happening. – A Thirst for Scarlet by Chris Miller

The rumble from the approaching cloud grew louder. It sounded as all storms in all the world together might sound. The horizon filled with black and gray as the locomotive cloud of ash and gas barreled toward them. – Your fondest Wish by James Harper

Then, the arm swung down again, and Rawls heard a clang and a thump of contents deposited into the garbage truck. The hydraulics’ hum mixed with the crunch of metal and bone. – Garbage Day by Dane Hatchell

His eyes just watched us without fear, almost asking why, as his blood spewed everywhere, hitting Jayne and my clothing. He just stared right at us until the moment the gear caught his head and crushed it downward, crumpling his face like an empty banana peel folding in on itself. – Terror in the Deep by Matthew Hollis Damon

Come along as these tales open up 19 gates into hell and experience the supernatural, the darkness of night, and the unimaginable like never before. This collection will not disappoint!
19 GATES of HELL available now!
Authors include: R.L. Burwick, Rich Restucci, Sean DeVille, James Watts, Frank Martin, Alberto Pupo, Jacob Floyd, Marie Lanza, Bryon Craft, Titan Frey, James Harper, Dane T. Hatchell, James Offutt, Chris Miller, Ryan Wilson, Brandon Scott, Matthew Hollis Damon, and Matthew Brockmeyer

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